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Staying Warm While you Ride

05 September 2018

Staying Warm While you Ride

Abernathy's Harley-Davidson®, located near Paducah, KY, is excited to offer our advice on how to stay warm and dry during the wet and cold months. We stock the latest and best performance gear, apparel, and MotorClothes® from Harley®. Read on below to learn about our tips and tricks to help you ride comfortably in any weather, no matter the condition!.

Proper Attire

Wearing the right gear is the first and most obvious step to staying warm while you ride. Even on a moderately cool day, freeway speeds strip heat away from your body in no time so start by wearing layers. A light base layer, followed by a fleece overlayer, and a windproof outer layer should keep you comfortable in most cases, but you can add an extra layer if you’re expecting a particularly frigid day. In the cold, a set of gloves are an absolute must, but make sure to pick a pair that will allow you to easily manipulate your bike’s controls. You’ll also want to leave your half helmet on the rack and pick up a full face helmet.

If you’re looking for a little more high tech solution to cold weather apparel, there are sets of heated riding gear that can help keep the chill off in almost any condition. If you’re shopping for heated gear, check whether it requires a dedicated power source, or if it has a portable power source, you don’t want to invest in a set of pants that won’t run because your bike doesn’t have the right plug in.

Staying Dry

Staying dry is absolutely essential if you want to stay warm. Evaporation is one of the most common, and quickest ways that the environment steals heat from a body so keeping yourself dry is absolutely critical to your comfort. Make sure you own a good set of sturdy, waterproof riding boots, and a full rain suit that you can don at a moment’s notice.

What Can Your Bike Do For You

The right bike can make a huge difference in terms of comfort. If you’re riding a large touring bike with wide, wind deflecting fairing, you’re going to be much more comfortable than if you were riding a stripped down Sportster. That being said, any bike can provide SOME protection, come in and ask our parts department about our HD® Detachables windshields. Adding a 12” or 16” inch windshield to the front end of your bike can make a huge difference by keeping the cold morning breeze off.

Some Tips and Tricks

If you’re not interested in investing in a full set of heated riding gear but still want to keep warm, there are some workarounds that you can use to stay comfortable anyways. First, pick up a big box of hand warmers (like skiers use) and crack open a few at a time before you ride. Tuck one in each glove, and a couple into the inside pockets of your jacket. It’s not fancy, but it will keep you from freezing in a pinch. If you want to keep your fingers comfortable, you could also outfit your bike with a set of heated grips! Finally, the most oldest trick in the book: a hot water bag tucked in your jacket can keep your core warm for a while on the road, just make sure it’s sealed tight!

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