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Harley-Davidson LED Lights

05 September 2018

Harley-Davidson LED Lights

For those of you who are reading this after just getting your brand-new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, congratulations! We’re excited for you to be representing Harley-Davidson® Motor Company and for you to be part of our extensive biker community. Not only that, but now you have the opportunity to adjust your bike to fit your style. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for the customization options: from colors to gadgets to extra features, there’s virtually nothing you can’t do to create your dream bike.

Types of Lights

LED lights come in many shapes and sizes, serving many different purposes. The benefit of using LED lights is that even the smallest bulbs give off a substantial amount of light. This means that no matter where you put them, they’ll make sure you’re seen by other drivers and enhance your own range of visibility. We suggest starting with the headlight. You only have one, but you’ll need it to give you the same lighting power cars and trucks get from two headlights. The best way to do this and not completely drain your battery is to use an LED bulb. While they’re a little more expensive, LED bulbs shine brighter, weigh less, and last longer, giving you more than your money’s worth.

You can also get LED strips to line your motorcycle. They can fit on your rims, your seat, even your saddlebags. Not only do they add flair, but they make you more visible no matter how foggy or bad conditions are. What’s more, you can add LED bulbs to your brake lights and your turn signals to make your actions easier for other drivers to see. You can also get light rings that wrap around your headlight to give you even more visibility. Wherever you have a bulb, consider using LEDs to save you money and conserve energy.

But with all these options, you may feel a little overwhelmed. You may want to get started right away, but where to start? If you’re looking for something small to ease yourself in, Abernathy’s Harley-Davidson® would recommend looking into installing LED lights to spruce up your ride. Not only is it a good way to be seen at night without hindering your own visibility, but it makes for a fun, unique way to make your bike your own. To help you install your lights, stop by our dealership and talk to one of our experienced professionals. We serve the areas of Union City and Jackson, Tennessee, as well as Paducah, Kentucky.

Why do we use LED Lights?

But clearly, halogen bulbs can get the job done. Plenty of motorists use them without any problem, so what’s the point in fixing something that isn’t broken? It’s not about fixing something that’s broken, it’s about improving it. LED lights are the all-around better light. They use a fraction of the energy that incandescent lights use and still shine brighter. Because of this, they don’t deplete your battery’s life and they last longer.

LED bulbs are also lighter. When you’re talking about a car, the weight of your lightbulbs hardly matter, but every pound is significant on a motorcycle. If you can shed a little weight somewhere , you’ll want to take full advantage of that. LED bulbs are significantly lighter than regular bulbs, which means you can add on as many as you want.

As a great way to start your customization process and a simple way to stay safe and seen, LED lights are a valuable upgrade if your bike doesn’t already come equipped with them. But some of those installations can get a bit tricky. For your light kit hookups and any other maintenance and repairs your bike may need, stop by Abernathy’s Harley-Davidson®. We welcome riders from Union City and Jackson, Tennessee, as well as Paducah, Kentucky.