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Motorcycle Security Tips

01 January 2019

Motorcycle Security Tips

Your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is a valuable asset, which unfortunately attracts the attention of potential thieves. Adopting a proactive theft prevention strategy helps reduce the chance your motorcycle gets stolen. We've rounded up our favorite security tips below. For all your Harley motorcycle needs, visit Abernathy's Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Union CIty, Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau, Tennessee.

Crime Prevention Strategy

Your goal is to make it as challenging as possible for a thief to steal your Harley motorcycle. Many thieves go for the path of least resistance because it offers the best chance to nab the item without getting caught. If you set up too many barriers, a thief may glance at your Harley motorcycle and keep walking. Make it hard to steal your motorcycle to make it unlikely a thief will try.

Where You Live

Your housing situation is important context for whether a thief will make an attempt to steal your motorcycle. Granted, you can't move just to make your Harley bike safer. But you can become informed about the unique risks your housing creates and act accordingly.

If you live in an apartment complex, your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is at higher risk of theft for a few reasons. First, the higher concentration of vehicles allows a thief to make one stop and check out multiple options. Second, apartment complexes are busy places, which make it easier for a thief to slip in unnoticed among the crowd.

If you live in a residential neighborhood, your motorcycle is at risk in a different way. Thieves don't come to neighborhoods as much, which can cause homeowners to let their guard down. If a thief notices your neighborhood isn't as secure, that could provide an incentive to investigate your motorcycle.

Where You Park Your Harley Bike

Regardless of where you live, you'll want to be strategic about where you park your Harley motorcycle. If you can, you'll want it out of sight from prowling thieves. A garage is the perfect secure set-up, but if that's not an option then a fenced backyard is a good backup plan. Try to position your motorcycle so people walking by only see the fence and not the bike. If you're in an apartment complex, place your motorcycle in front of security cameras and chain it to something,

Physical Security

Multiple levels of visible security measures are ideal. They show potential thieves that it'll take plenty of effort to steal your motorcycle, which can provide enough incentive for them to walk on by. Steering locks keep the steering column secure, making it nearly impossible to move the motorcycle. Disc locks attach to the disc brakes and keep the wheels from spinning. Saddlebag locks guard any gear you leave on your vehicle. If you use chains, attach them to a non-removable aspect of your bike.

While a motorcycle cover doesn't make it harder to steal your Harley bike, it does make it harder for a thief to scan and evaluate its worth. This could be enough to cause a thief to move onto a vehicle they can see. Plus, a cover helps shield your motorcycle from the elements and offers valuable security that way as well.

Electronic Security

Alarms attract attention to a potential theft in action, which can often be enough to scare away the thief. A tracking system is a good safeguard in case your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle gets stolen. Local law enforcement can use it to track the location of your bike and go retrieve it. These preventive and proactive strategies can help keep your motorcycle from being stolen or help recover it if it is.

We hope you found these tips helpful! For all your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle needs, visit Abernathy's Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Union City, Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau, Tennessee.