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Long-Distance Riding Tips

19 September 2019

Long-Distance Riding Tips

Is there anything better than riding for hours on end on your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? Long-distance riding, or touring, is a great way to see new sights and enjoy more quality time with your bike. But before you hit the road for hours on end, set yourself up for a successful trip. Check out the following tips on long-distance riding below. For all your Harley-Davidson® bike needs, visit Abernathy's Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Union City, Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau, Tennessee.

Build Up Your Endurance

You wouldn't hit the gym and go straight for the most intense workout. Instead, you slowly build up your endurance in a realistic timeframe. Riding a motorcycle is a workout in its own right. You engage various muscle groups to stay in control of your Harley bike. Don't plan for your first touring trip to be an epic several hours a day over multiple days ride. Instead, get an accurate sense of your endurance level and slowly build it up. Start off with shorter day trips then graduate to longer rides when your body is ready.

Build Your Route

Once you start taking your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle on longer rides, you'll need to be proactive about planning the trips. After all, there are plenty of details to coordinate from your food to housing to stops along the way. Attempting to plan those in the moment can lead to roadblocks, from realizing you got to the tourist destination right as it closed for the day to pulling up to a completely full campsite and having nowhere to stay the night. Proactive planning empowers you to make the most of your trip and prevent these types of issues.

Do you want to take the fastest route there so you'll have more time at your destination? Or do you enjoy taking your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle on the scenic route to enjoy more time riding? Each approach has its merits. Once you pick a riding style, you can then plan your destination and any stops along the way. Be sure to book your lodging in advance to ensure your spot (and possibly get an early bird's discount).

Prepare Your Harley Motorcycle

One quick way to ruin a touring trip is to encounter preventable performance issues during the ride, forcing you to take a long (and expensive) detour to a mechanic's shop. A pre-ride inspection helps you catch issues before your departure date, which gives you plenty of time to get any issues fixed in advance.

Start with your tires. Measure the air pressure and tread to ensure they're in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Look at your fluid levels and top off anything that's low. Test your lights to ensure they are all visible. Go for a short test ride to make sure your Harley motorcycle accelerates, brakes, and turns as normal. If you notice anything odd, get it checked out.

Packing Tips

Your Harley motorcycle only offers so much storage room, which means you'll need to be selective about what you bring along. Always pack the essentials, which includes water, food, a mini toolkit, a first aid kit, waterproof outerwear, and so on. One trick to making everything fit is to use backpacker supplies since these items are designed to take up as little space as possible. Another is to pack your products (shampoo, contact solution, etc) in travel-sized containers. Why bring along a big bottle of soap when you only need a few day's worths?

After everything is all packed onto your Harley bike, check that everything is secure. You don't want your valuables flying off on the highway!

We hope you found these tips helpful! For all your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle needs, visit Abernathy's Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Union City, Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau, Tennessee.