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The 2019 Harley-Davidson® Trike Lineup

22 March 2019

The 2019 Harley-Davidson® Trike Lineup

Trike motorcycles offer a unique way to enjoy the open road. The extra wheel provides improved stability, safety, and comfort so that you can ride for longer. Harley-Davidson® trike motorcycles provide all the thrill of a Harley vehicle with all the benefits of the extra wheel. For 2019, the company released two incredible models to choose from. Each offers its own advantages and are tailored to different types of riders. Read on to discover more, then visit Abernathy's Harley-Davidson to check them out in person! We are located in Union City, Tennessee near Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau.

The Freewheeler®

Anyone can enjoy this Harley trike, but new riders will especially love the riding experience. This model is easy to control, which makes it ideal for those learning how to ride. But that's just the beginning of what these trike motorcycles offer.


These Harley trike motorcycles run off of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine. It replaced the Milwaukee-Eight 107, giving you more power to work with. You'll have no problem cruising around town leaving slow pokes far behind. At the same time, you'll be able to stop quicker and conquer tight corners thanks to the range of braking enhancements, which include ABS, traction control, and electronically linked brakes.


Three-wheeled motorcycles are meant for long-distance riding, which means rider comfort is essential. No one wants to cut their trip short due to aching muscles and joints. The Freewheeler takes from the suspension technology found in Harley-Davidson touring bikes and tailors it to the three-wheeled bike frame. You'll be able to embark on epic road trips without worrying about your body slowing you down thanks to the bike design that maximizes comfort.


This Harley trike is meat to stand out on the road. It takes from the classic cruiser style, giving off an air of attitude. Enjoy features such as bobtail rear fenders and chrome slash down pipes that give a striking style. The Enforcer front wheel builds a customized look while the chrome headlight nacelle tucked against the frame keeps it slim.

Tri Glide® Ultra

Anyone can enjoy this line of Harley trike motorcycles. They are ideal for road trips, commuting to work, or regular city riding.


These three-wheeled motorcycles run off of the twin-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 114. It offers the most displacement possible on standard Harley-Davidson models. You'll get 6-speed cruise drive transmission, an improved engine RPM and road speed, and quiet shifting. Batwing fairing and split-stream air vent improves airflow and reduces head buffeting.


The suspension on this Harley trike makes it feel as if you are gliding across the road rather than noticing every bump and divot. The BOOM! Box GTS system is designed with bikers in mind to deliver an intuitive and easy user experience whether you are playing music or navigating to your next destination. You'll never want to get off this vehicle because it's such a thrill to ride!


Road trips are fun and comfortable with three-wheeled motorcycles, but they do require a fair amount of storage. You'll need somewhere to pack clothing, medications, toiletries, water, food, and so on. This Harley trike offers 4.4 cubic feet and 50 pounds of storage capacity, making it easy to bring everything you need!

Ready to look at Harley trike motorcycle for sale? Visit Abernathy's Harley-Davidson. We are located in Union City, Tennessee near Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions and provide advice about which models work best for your unique situation. We can take your budget, riding level, and preferences in mind to help you find your dream bike.