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How to Choose a Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

09 May 2019

Once you've decided you are ready to embrace the motorcycle lifestyle, the next question becomes "Which Harley-Davidson® motorcycle do I want to buy?" We've gathered up the crucial things to consider below. When you are ready to check out models, visit Abernathy Harley-Davidson®. We are located in Union City, Tennessee and proudly serve those in Martin and Dyersburg.

Your Style of Riding

Think about what your lifestyle will look like so you can find a motorcycle type that matches. Will you be commuting to work each day or going on road trips? If so, you'll want the rider comfort and storage that comes with H-D® Touring motorcycles. Do you want a stylish ride that is also high performing? Then check out the classic retro style found on iconic H-D cruisers. Are you more interested in speed and agility? The Softail® and Sportster® models might be more your style. Narrowing your search using your riding style can help your search easier and more efficient.

The Size

The size of a motorcycle is not often discussed in the buying process, but it should be, as it’ll affect your riding experience! If you want something that is easier to handle, stick with smaller and more lightweight models. These are ideal for new riders just learning the ropes. If you want better stability so you can more easily control the vehicle at high speeds or on difficult routes, look at heavier motorcycles. These are ideal for more experienced riders who can wrangle the heavier bike without issue.

If you have any questions or want more advice, visit Abernathy Harley-Davidson®. Our expert staff is happy to chat with you more and help you find your perfect motorcycle. We proudly serve those in Union City, Martin, and Dyersburg, Tennessee.